SteadyPoint Helpdesk has landed

Our most jam-packed release to date


Each ticket now comes with an activities tab. You can create new activities for every ticket, including tasks (for follow-ups, appointments, calls, emails) reminders (for follow-ups, appointments, calls, emails) and approvals (through approval templates)

Approval Templates

Speaking of approval templates, if your tickets requires certain approvals along the way, you can now create and assign approval templates to the tickets, that way they can receive the required approvals along the way.

Canceling Tickets

Ticket authors can now cancel tickets that have not been assigned yet (status is still “new”).
*This feature doesn’t work with tickets that are assigned via direct assignment
Reassign Tickets by Manager

Managers of multiple teams can now re-assign tickets between teams, allowing for more control across teams.
Reopened Tickets: Track and Report
You can now track names of users who have re-opened the most amount of tickets, in addition to filtering re-opened tickets in the ticket viewer.

General Bug Fixes

For improved stability

We would love to walk you through the nitty gritty of HelpDesk, so get in touch and have one of our agents provide live feedback to the SteadyPoint HelpDesk experience.
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