SteadyPoint Helpdesk is live!

With UI enhancements everywhere

Post screenshots straight into the ticket description

With the brand new rich text editor, you can now paste screenshots taken with the “prt sc” button on your keyboard by pressing “ctrl+v” straight into a ticket’s description box.

Email notifications, completely revamped

A new look to our notification emails.

All Tabs Everything

Ticket view now more compact as you can access the required sections from the relevant tabs.

Auto-close: Now in Hours 
VIP escalation: Now Optional

Auto-close can now be set in hours instead of days to provide more accuracy with shorter closing periods. VIP escalation is now completely optional, and the checkbox can be removed entirely from tickets by turning it off in the settings.

Both options are accessible from the re-branded “Miscellaneous” menu, replacing “General settings”.
Optional Discussion Board

We introduced the discussion board in release, which was associated with every ticket created. Now the discussion board is only created when you press on “start discussion” on the discussion tab.
Reach Tickets Directly
Instead of accessing tickets assigned to you just from the task bell or the task notification, you can now access them from the tickets menu itself.

General Bug Fixes

For improved stability

We would love to walk you through the nitty gritty of HelpDesk, so get in touch and have one of our agents provide live feedback to the SteadyPoint HelpDesk experience.
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