Helpdesk custom ticket templates supports the use of a lookup row. If the regular choice row doesn’t support enough choices, you can use the lookup row to add even more items.

1. Start by going to the settings menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

Figure 1

2. Under Lookups, select List of Values.

Figure 2

3. Click on add lookup.

Figure 3

4. Add a name to the list and click add.

Figure 4

5. You’ll see your newly created list, click on it.

Figure 5

6. It’s time to populate the list. To manually do so, click on new item.

Figure 6

7. Put in the name of the item and click save.

Figure 7

8. Once you populate the list, it should look something like this.

Figure 8

To learn how to create templates, you can read our article on that, as this article won’t divulge into it. You can also read this article on some of the templates you can create on Helpdesk. This article won’t divulge into that.

9. When adding a lookup row to a template, you’ll find all your created lookups in a list. Select the one you want.

Figure 9

10. This what the lookup looks like inside of a ticket.

Figure 10

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