A knowledge base is a collection of documentation/resolutions that often contains answers to frequently asked questions, how-to manuals, and troubleshooting instructions. Its goal is to make it simple for individuals to find solutions without having to seek assistance.

Sources of Knowledge Base data:
– Manually, by uploading new materials.
– Automatically, by copying closed tickets to the Knowledge Base.

Accessing the Knowledge Base

Click on the “Knowledge Base” icon.

Adding new entries to the Knowledge Base

Adding a new entry directly from the knowledge base module.

  1. Go to “Knowledge Base”
  1. Click on “+ New item”
  1. Fill in the fields
  • Request Type: Select which Request Type you are connecting the knowledge with.
  • Type: Select which Type you are connecting the knowledge with.
  • Sub Type: Select which Sub Type you are connecting the knowledge with.
  • Subject: Input the Subject/title of the issue.
  • Description: Input the details of the issue.
  • Resolution: Input the resolution to the issue and how to fix it.
  • Documents: Attach relevant documents to the specified issue

Adding an entry from a resolved ticket (Added by the ticket author)

When a ticket is labeled as fixed and returned to the author to verify the ticket resolution, the Author has the option to add the resolution to the knowledge base.

  1. You will receive a notification to verify the ticket resolution.
  1. Check/uncheck the box to add the resolution to the Knowledge Base

The resolution will be added to the Knowledge Base ONLY if the ticket is verified as fixed.

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