How to assign a ticket to an individual from a team

Suppose you have a team of individuals working under one entity (e.g., Resignation and Exit) and a ticket was raised from the end-user (e.g., Sales) to a specific department (e.g., HR). All individuals in that department will receive the notification about this ticket. However, one person within that department will take the responsibility of working on that ticket by assigning it to him/herself. This is what we call “Get ticket”.

New → Open → Verify → Closed

1) Select Workflow from the drop-down menu

2) Move Stage New to the top of the Stages by dragging and dropping

3) Edit “New” Stage

Add Stage Information:

  • Status: New
  • Stage Name: New
  • Assignee (User or Group): Select a person or group that is best suited to make this decision.
  • Category: Transition Stage

Add Outcomes;

  • Outcome Name
  • Go to Stage: Select the Stage this action will go to

Outcome 1

  • Outcome Name: Get
  • Go to Stage: Open

4) Edit “Open” Stage

Change Stage Information:

  • Change Assignee from User or Group to “The person who did the transition to this stage”

5) You are ready to Publish!

What the transition should look like from the team’s point of view after receiving a ticket

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