Email notifications have been a staple of SteadyPoint Helpdesk. In update that came out in August, the ability to change the default contents of outgoing system emails was introduced, in addition to being able to turn off certain emails, and we’re going to take a look at these features here.

First off, which emails can you turn off?

In short, any email that is not a ticket task email. What that means is, you can turn off notification emails, but emails that include a task cannot be turned off. A more detailed list will be at the bottom of the post explaining which email falls into which category.

Changing the contents of an Email

1) To change what the body of each email includes, start by going to the settings menu on the left hand side of your screen.

2) Under Help Desk Settings, select Email Templates.

3) The list that you get includes all the emails that are sent out of Helpdesk. You can use the search bar to quickly look up templates, or switch the viewable number of emails so you can see all of the emails in one page.

To edit a template, click the edit button on the most left-hand side of the menu. We’re going to be working with Ticket Reminder Email.

4) This is the email template. If the email can be turned off, the checkbox titled Active will be visible. We’ll deep dive into using this form in the next step. If you want to reset all the changes, click on default and once you’re done with your work, make sure to press save.

5) You can change the subject of the email that is sent out. You can also add placeholders into the title by selecting them from the drop-down list.

6) This is the placeholder list, it’s the same as the one for the email body. You can use these placeholders to give more information about the ticket in the email being sent out. For example, the placeholder Ticket Owner lists the name of the person who owns the ticket.

7) This is the email body. You can use the same placeholders from the email subject. You can alter the body of the text to best reflect all the items you want your users to see.

8) Again, once you’re done, make sure to press save!


Emails you can turn off

  • Ticket ‘Select Resource Task’ Email
  • Ticket Delegation Email
  • Ticket Reminder Email
  • Ticket on Behalf Email
  • Ticket Escalation Email
  • Ticket Cancellation Email
  • Ticket Closure Email
  • Ticket Messages Email
  • Ticket Discussion Email
  • Ticket Reminder Activity Email
  • Service Request Escalation Email
  • Service Request Delegation Email
  • Service Request Discussion Email

Emails can’t you turn off

  • Ticket Review Email
  • Ticket ‘Choose Team Task’ Email
  • Ticket ‘Select Resource Task’ Email
  • Ticket Verification Email
  • Ticket Direct Assignment Email
  • Ticket ‘Get Ticket Task’ Email
  • Ticket Approval Activity Email
  • Service Request Assignment Email

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