You can create a Helpdesk ticket within seconds. Here’s how:

1. From your dashboard, start by going to the left-hand side of your screen

Picture 1

2. At the top of your screen, click on New Ticket

Picture 2

You can see several empty fields, depending on how your admin has structured your ticket handling workflow, all you have to do is fill the following fields:

  • Subject: The name of the ticket
  • Area/Type/Sub-type: Select the area/type/sub-type of your ticket from the drop-down menu or by searching for it after clicking on the magnifying glass
  • Select the priority of your ticket from the priority drop-down menu
  • Fill out the description of your ticket. Since the description box is a rich text editor, you can post screenshots straight into it.
  • If you want to upload related files, use Attachments to include videos, pictures, or whatever else you deem necessary.
  • Press on submit!

Your ticket is now created! Please hang on as someone addresses it.

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