SteadyPoint Monetizing Model

SteadyPoint has an innovative model of publishing and supporting office store apps and development by monetizing hybrid model. This monetizing hybrid model consists of Microsoft store benefits and SteadyPoint development skills.

This model enforces customer privacy and security and is one of the reasons why customers love office 365 because it ensures privacy and security.

Below shows how SteadyPoint monetizes its SteadyPoint Helpdesk app:

Figure 1: SteadyPoint Monetizing Model

The numbering in Figure 1 are further explained below


1) SteadyPoint adds features.

2) SteadyPoint publishes these features to Microsoft store.

3) Microsoft reviews, validates and test the new changes. If everything is successful, it is then published to Microsoft store for general availability.

4) Customer downloads/installs the app from Microsoft store.

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Get Updates

We have two types of updates (App Database Schema and App Business Logic).

5) If there is a new update on App Database Schema published by SteadyPoint then the customer should update the app through Microsoft Store.

6) Our App Business Logic is hosted on SteadyPoint Servers by default. We provide two methods of updates (Automatic and Manual).

  • A) Automatic: All SteadyPoint business logic are hosted on SteadyPoint servers and customer apps automatically updates any changes from SteadyPoint.
  • B) Manual: Customers can host the business logic to their office 365 tenant for privacy and security purposes. They require to update their app manually from SteadyPoint servers.

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7) SteadyPoint has a licensing system that keeps track of customer licensing data (Customer name and Users who are active on the app).

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Customer Data

8) All customer data is entirely hosted on client’s office 365 tenant, we keep none of it.

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