SteadyPoint HelpDesk is here!

Featuring an updated design and a new management hierarchy

A Brand-New Design

from the reporting charts on your homepage to an updated ticket creation screen and more, witness HelpDesk’s new sleek look.

Introducing “Site Manager”

Going forward you can set-up a manager that has a read-permission on every ticket that is issued to a resource under his site. The site manager falls below the HelpDesk Admin but is higher than the team leader. Site managers play a supervisory role with the ability to view tickets and reports. You don’t have to specify a site manager if your current structure doesn’t require one.

General Bug Fixes

For improved stability

We would love to walk you through the nitty gritty of HelpDesk, so get in touch and have one of our agents provide live feedback to the SteadyPoint HelpDesk experience.
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