Permissions: System admin can create private and personal views, while other members can create personal views only.

Now you have the flexibility to create custom views of tickets to organize and display requests that are most important and add filters to have a more engaging style. You can create a personal view (that only you can see) or, if you have permissions to do so, you can create a public view (everyone who uses the app). Go to views:

All personal and public views will show in views side navigation:

  1. To create a new view, click on “+ Create View.”
  1. Go down to filters and arrange to filter your data based on:
  • Workspace: Select one or more Workspaces. (Admins can view all workspaces, whereas the end users will only be permitted to view the workspaces they have permission to.)
  • Request Type: Select one or more Request Types across multiple Workspaces.
  • Type: Select one or more Types across multiple Request Types.
  • Status: Select one or more statuses.
  • Priority: Select one or more Priority level
  • Ticket Source: Select either Direct or Via Email
  • Assignee: Select one or more request assignee (can be individual or a group of users).
  • Owner: Select one or more ticket owners.
  • Created Date: Select a specific period or set a period between 2 dates.
  1. You are ready! Click on the created view to show data depending on configured filters.
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