Reports offer a way to extract and present a specific subset of the information from a large database. Reports are preset to provide the user with graphically presented information regarding the tickets, performance, and resolution time.

Report are categorized in 4 groups:

  1. Tickets
  2. Performance
  3. MTTR (Mean Time To Resolve)

Tickets reports

  1. Tickets per status
  1. Tickets per Area
  1. Tickets per Team
  1. Tickets per Owner Department
  1. Tickets per Owner Site
  1. Assignee Tickets (tabular presentation)

Performance Reports

  1. By Assignee performance (Average SLA time vs. Average Actual time)
  1. By SLA time vs. Actual Time

Who can view the reports?

Reports viewability can be toggled on/off from the system setting

  1. Go to Setting > Security > Permissions
  1. Check “Who can see reports”
  • Add names/ email addresses to give access to view reports. If the field is left blank, then all users will have permission to view the reports.
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