The discussion board is designed with the intent of allowing a more free-flowing conversation on Helpdesk between collaborating team members. It was first introduced in Helpdesk update, initially as part of a UI update that changed the ticket UI to include tabs. At first Discussion boards were designed to show-up for every ticket, but after update became optional.

This guide will explain how the discussion board works and how to best use it.

1. On any ticket, look at the top right tab of the ticket and select Discussion Board.

Picture 1

2. As you can see in the picture below, there’s no discussion board for this ticket, we create one by pressing on Start Discussion.

3. This is what an empty discussion board looks like, in the box with Add a reply, you can leave your comments. Click on Reply to submit your comment.

Picture 2

4. When a reply is left on the discussion board, all ticket stakeholders receive an email notification with the comment in it, and the option to open the ticket straight from the email.

Picture 3

5. This is what a populated discussion board looks would look like, with comments with oldest ones first. You can switch this to sort by newest by pressing on the button Newest under All replies.

Picture 4

Who can access the discussion board?

Anyone with access to the ticket (stakeholders: ticket assignee, assignee’s manager, Helpdesk admins) can access the discussion board and leave a comment.

Have fun discussing things!

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