Update – Released 19.09.2019

  • Added Multi-lingual UI support for Helpdesk: Now supporting Turkish, Russian, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.
  • General bug fixes.

Update – Released 22.08.2019

  • Added Multi-lingual UI support for Helpdesk: Now supporting English, Arabic, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Polish.
  • On-boarding experience revamped.
  • Email templates can be edited, which emails are sent out can be changed.
  • New row in Form Templates: Lookup row.
  • Actual work for each task can be inputted, Helpdesk will then tally the numbers and add them to reports.
  • Ticket creation via email improved.
  • General bug fixes.

Update – Released 28.06.2019

  • Email Communication between ticket authors and assignees.
  • Ticket history now re-designed, includes clearer text and pictures of the user who performed the action.
  • General bug fixes

Update – Released 30.05.2019

  • Activities can be added to tickets. Including tasks (follow-ups, appointments, calls, emails), reminders (follow-ups, appointments, calls, emails) and approvals (through approval templates).
  • Ticket authors can now cancel tickets that have not been assigned yet.
  • Managers of multiple teams can now re-assign tickets between teams.
  • Track users who have re-opened the most amount of tickets, in addition to filtering re-opened tickets in the ticket viewer.
  • General Bug Fixes.

Update – Released 29.04.2019

  • Rich text box added to tickets and service request creation screen.
  • New template for email notifications.
  • Ticket menu’s re-designed to a tab design.
  • Auto-close can be set in hours instead of days.
  • VIP Escalation button now optional (can be toggled on from Miscellaneous Settings).
  • Discussion Board (update now optional, can be created per ticket.
  • Users can open tickets they have access to from the tickets menu now, not just through the new ticket notification or the tasks bell on the upper-right side of the menu.
  • General bug fixes.

Update – Internal release

  • Bug fixes and internal testing.

Update – Released 11.04.2019

  • Added the discussion board to tickets, with the option of sending email notification to relevant parties whenever a comment is left on the board.
  • Re-designed general settings menu.
  • Added manual routing: applies to all tickets. Ticket handling Teams are turned off, ticket assignee is selected directly from the ticket creation screen by entering name or email.
  • General bug fixes.

Update – Released 26.03.2019

  • Added site manager: site managers have view-only permission on tickets that fall under their sites.
  • UI re-design.
  • General bug fixes.

Update – Released 20.01.2019

  • Enhanced user management.
  • Task notifications appear when a new task has been assigned.
  • General bug fixes.

Update – Released 30.10.2018

  • Task delegation added.
  • Ability to export ticket data to Microsoft Excel.
  • Reporting tools added to Excel.
  • General bug fixes

Update – Released 24.09.2018

  • Service Requests module added to Helpdesk.
  • Integration with SteadyPoint Assets Management Add-in now possible.
  • Ticket history now visible
  • Default text can be added to ticket description.
  • Ticket fields customization through form templates.
  • Tickets can be now be re-opened after they have been closed.
  • General bug fixes.

Update – Released 08.06.2018

  • New Routing Engine options: SPOC (Single Point of Contact) and Direct Assignment.
  • Mobile responsiveness.
  • GUI changes.
  • Arabic Language now supported.

Update (Helpdesk Beta) – 14.03.2018

  • Routing Engine: Resource Pool.
  • Ticket life-cycle established.
  • Escalations added.
  • Reminders added.
  • Resource Management added.
  • Knowledge Base added.

Update (Helpdesk Alpha) – 07.01.2018

SteadyPoint Helpdesk is born!

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